Easily open .ODS files (and 409 other file types)

Bitberry File Opener, a best-in-class file handling tool for Windows, enables you to view, edit, print, and convert ODS files on your PC.

Supported .ODS file format

Open Document Format Spreadsheet File

For Windows 7, 8, 10, and 11
How to open ODS files on your Windows PC

Step 1: Download and install

Download Bitberry File Opener

The first step is to download the setup program. It contains everything you need to handle ODS files. There are no 3rd-party dependencies.

Run the setup program

Once downloaded, double-click the file (usually named BitberryFileOpenerSetup.exe) to start the installation process. This is a one-time thing.

Step 2: Select your ODS file

Use the File menu

Run Bitberry File Opener and select Open from the File menu to select your file.

Use drag and drop

You can also drag your file and drop it on the Bitberry File Opener window to open it.

Double-click the file

You can associate Bitberry File Opener with any supported file type so they open when you double-click them.

Run Bitberry File Opener and select your ODS file to open
Open, edit, and convert Excel XLS and XLSX files without Microsoft Office with Bitberry File Opener

Open, edit, and print spreadsheets

Edit, print, and copy ODS files

Bitberry File Opener contains a feature-rich spreadsheet editor. Open Excel XLS/XLSX and ODS spreadsheets, edit them, print them, save them, copy data to the clipboard, etc.

Microsoft Excel not needed

You are not required to install Microsoft Excel in order to work with Excel spreadsheets.

Feature overview

You are welcome to use the software without a license for as long as you like, for personal tasks at home. Any other use requires a license. The free version has certain limitations - a license is needed to unlock them.

Feature Free Licensed
Any kind of use that is not personal and at home
View 8 document formats including Adobe PDF, and edit Microsoft Word documents
View and edit 127 kinds of image formats, including many legacy formats
View dozens of digital camera RAW picture formats
Play any audio format imaginable, including many legacy formats - 72 in total
Watch videos in 115 formats ranging from HD videos to obscure legacy formats
Open and browse content in 55 types of archive and compressed files
Open and browse content in 2 types of encoded files
Open and edit 3 types of spreadsheet files, including from Microsoft Excel
Open email attachments in winmail.dat format
Preview the style of 6 different types of font files
View the content of 17 text based file formats
Save files, including attachments from winmail.dat files, and edited images, spreadsheets, and documents
Extract content from archives, compressed- and encoded files
Print documents, images, and spreadsheets
Convert images to other formats like JPEG, PNG, TIFF, PSD, etc.
Copy text from documents, data from spreadsheets, and images to the clipboard
File viewing without license reminders

Ready to give it a go?

The free version of Bitberry File Opener lets you open all supported file formats with no time limits. Free to use forever for personal tasks at home. There are several limitations in the free version, but all supported file types can be opened so you can try it on your files.